Residential Design by Michael Mindlin and David Suttle


—  Covering a wide range of industries, for companies big and small


Michael Mindlin and David Suttle were the founding principals of Suttle Mindlin, an internationally acclaimed design firm.  They are accomplished, award winning designers known for their wide range of work, both here and abroad.  Their work is diverse in typology and design from modern, avant-garde commercial work to sophisticated retail and hospitality environments.  Click on the link to learn more about this work.


Less known is decades of residential work, primarily for clients.  And, we love this work. So, we've decided to launch new this website to do just a bit more of what we love. It's very personal work done with care and attention to detail... whether new construction or renovations.  Each is an exploration in our clients practical and emotional needs for something that expresses their own sense of place, home and  personal expectations. 


We curate the full range of expertise needed for each project to insure a great match to the clients' needs and cost parameters.  This gives us the flexibility to bring a wider range of expertise and more responsive fees simply because we do not maintain the overhead needed to maintain full services in-house.  It works for our clients.  And, frankly we enjoy the freedom to work directly with our clients unfetter by a corporate culture.  We manage the whole process giving our clients a single source for communication and project management.  It's a real joy we take in helping our clients and friends explore design and live life their way.



This Century
2018 APR Urban Design and Architectural Design Award

2009 ULI Top Ten International Developments
2009 AIA Distinguished Award
2007 ICSC International Design Award
2007 ICSC European Design Award
2006 ICSC Innovative International Design Award
2006 ICSC European Design Award
2006 MIPIM International Design Award
2000 AIA Interiors Award
ULI Handbook on Mixed Use Development
ULI Handbook on Place Making
ULI Handbook on Town Center Development
ULI Handbook on Retail Development
ICCS Winning Shopping Center Designs